• You are invited

    to slow down...

    connect to the brilliance you truly are

    and what you're inspired

    to do, be and create in the world


    Seven restful creative inspiring enriching days

    in the southern Spanish spring sunshine


    Hidden Paradise is a magical retreat centre nestled in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada ...




    There will be fabulous yoga, delicious food, wonderful company

    and the heart of the retreat is a series of

    deep, quiet, transformative conversations.

    No advice, no tools & techniques, no fixing masquerading as healing.

    We will guide you to notice

    where you could let yourself off the hook, do less, strive less

    and to

    let go of ideas, beliefs and thoughts that stop you from living in wellbeing and brilliance.


    Your quiet, open mind is the place where the

    best ideas, decisions and inspired actions come from.

    Our seven days together allows a deep dive into this space of possibilities ...


    We'd love you to join us.


  • Your Facilitators

    Amanda O'Shea

    Loving Life Coach


    Amanda is a dedicated therapist with over 20 years’ experience in holistic therapies, specialising as a Three Principles Facilitator coaching the "Inside Out” understanding, working both locally and internationally. Her infectious passion for helping others, especially those in recovery, is reflected in her unique ability to connect with individuals and also communities. Amanda is a huge asset to the team and brings much positivity to situations, leading and encouraging with sensitivity, experience and profound expertise.



    Email: amanda@


    Jane Cockerell

    Transformative Coach


    Jane is both a non-profit CEO and a certified Transformative Coach who supports clients & teams interested in Conscious Leadership, no matter what their role at work or in life.

    Having fully experienced the Rich Tapestry of Life, Jane is fascinated by our humanness and what it takes to be at our best no matter what the externals.

    She is an experienced international speaker and workshop facilitator who, with an open, inclusive and engaging style, guides people to see the brilliance and truth of who they truly are.




    Email: jane.omnianda@gmail.com

    Kate Moss

    Vinyasa Yoga Teacher and

    Deep Tissue Massage Therapist

    Kate completed her Vinyasa Yoga teacher training with the acclaimed Rolf Gates in 2011.Her aim is to create an 'All Levels' class that involves flowing from pose to pose with attention on the breath, creating more present moment awareness.

    In Deep Massage sessions she finds stillness and connection, giving her clients space to unwind, let go and allow their bodies to begin the healing process.

    She is grateful for the "Inside Out" understanding, how it compliments Yoga and now lives life with more joy, simplicity and ease.

    Email: pieceofkate@gmail.com

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    Our Retreat is ideal for people who are:


    Looking to slow down & connect more deeply with themselves


    Open to seeing the world with new eyes


    Willing to explore some of the beliefs that are holding them back


    Open to transformation



    Some of the results from previous guests:


    Clarity of mind

    Peace & ease

    Increased confidence

    Certainty in decision making

    Unleashed creativity

    Deeper connection to self & others





    What is different?

    This retreat is designed with the intention to:


    Create a space for insights and realisations, both internally & externally


    Guide you towards a simple understanding of the mind - that is life-changing


    Go beyond the use of prescriptive tools, techniques and strategies to get the results you want


  • What's goin to be goin on

    Day 1


    3pm - Check in & breathe out...

    4pm - Tour the beauty of Hidden Paradise

    5pm - Meet & Greet with Amanda, Jane & Kate & other guests

    6:30pm - Delicious organic vegetarian dinner

    8pm - Mingle, chat and go through the week's itinerary

    Days 2-7

    Typical Day Sunday-Friday

    8am - Yoga in the Dome

    9:15am - Healthy organic breakfast

    10am - 'Happyology' wellbeing workshop
    1pm - Vegetarian Lunch

    2pm - Take a siesta, go for a walk, read a book or pamper yourself with a sauna or therapeutic treatment.

    5pm - Guided creative activity

    7pm - Vegetarian Dinner

    8:30pm - After Supper Club or Evening Meditation

    Day 8


    8am Yoga & final reflections in the Dome

    9:15am - Final healthy breakfast with your newfound friends.

    10am - Check out, adios amigos & safe journeys!

  • Costs & Logistics


    LAST CHANCE OFFER: 1295€ (saving 200€)


    OR two people sharing only 795€ each.

    What's Included

    Prices are based on shared room occupancy. Limited single rooms are available for an additional cost. Not Included: Flights, Transfers, Insurance or Holistic Treatments.


    Just as an indication:


    Flights on those dates from UK airports to Malaga Airport are currently around £80-£110.



    Travel Coordination

    We are happy to facilitate travel arrangements. We will be connecting guests arriving & departing at similar times for airport transfers, please just mention that in your message to us.


  • Enquiries & additional info

  • Testimonials from last year's retreat


    the food was absolutely amazing, scrummy, delicious, just fantastic. If Julia held a cookery workshop week I would def attend- spectacular and perfectly balanced..... clearly made with love and you can (literally) taste the sunshine & good energy - loved it - food was absolutely delicious - Loved loved loved - best food ever! amazing variety, tasty, beautifully presented....big big thank you to the cook! - delicious - the food was fab! - awesome - lovely


    great yoga, not too hard not to soft - sublime and special - perfectly balanced flow of space and movement, light and shade of energy and all punctuated with extraordinarily attuned quotes - loved it - fab - brilliant way to start each day; pitched at perfect level for me as a beginner- I loved it and I wanted more - the yoga was one of the highlights for me; the pace was just right and everything was clear and I never felt under any pressure to 'perform'. I also enjoyed the quotes every day -

    big thank you to Kate, great start to the day...brilliant instruction- awesome

    Happyology well-being workshops

    enlightening and inspiring - transforming, connecting and profound sharing. It brought us together and created a bond and oftentimes heartfelt connection. It also flagged up "stuff" that for me was often intriguing, bewildering, staggeringly insightful and sometimes exquisite – it was really valuable for me to hear others’ experiences and although challenging, good for me to share - super-useful, I could deepen my understanding in a safe space - I thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, I absorbed a lot, I learned a lot and I got it.....I am going to take it away with me forever- I felt, especially in the beginning, that the sessions were interesting but at times lacking in structure; but maybe that’s what was meant to happen to allow us to come up with ideas? - allowed people to share, which opened the understanding further - loved that it was so free, it allowed people to be very open and less self-conscious - I loved that we could give our own thoughts and stories


    the tree houses are magical and felt magical to stay in and wake up in -

    utterly stunning location; beautiful bedding and essentially comfy pillows make all the difference- loved it - great! Very warm and comfortable - cosy tree house in the sky....amazing detail.....surrounded by wood- beautiful view - superb


    amazing team. lovely spirit. humble. love em - fantastic organization and facilitation. It didn't feel like an us and them situation but rather people sharing their experiences and knowledge. Spot on x - I thought that you were there for everyone, you were really good at getting everyone to become one big family - I thought the moderators offered us all so much in such a powerful, gentle and wonderful way - thank you so very much x - good mix of facililtators -sharing of different experiences really valuble - I thought they did a great job - the facilitators were good and clear speakers and went far, far above their role....each facilitator was different which made the week - I loved watching you be great facilitators, putting your wisdom over to us, which made us open more up to our wisdom. I loved each of your individual ways! You are very good mirrors; thank you!!!

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    0034 646 816 625 or

    0034 609 345 184​​​​​​​

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